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Helen Heslop
Prior to moving into classical music promotion, Helen served as editor of Carlo Grante’s 2013 book Fundamentals of Piano Methodology (Rugginenti, Milan, 2013). She also edited a condensed version, ‘Carlo Grante’s Fundamentals – preparing to play the piano securely and well’. She is translating other writings on music, including Grante’s book Study Notes.

Helen studied Russian History and Literature at Harvard University and holds a Ph.D. in economics. Before returning to music, she was an economics fellow at the Harvard Russian Research Center, a lecturer on economic theory at l’Université du Québec and an economist at the Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche in Vienna, specialising in the economics of the performing arts and in the economies of the former Soviet Union.

Her article ‘The study of a musical instrument as an alternative system of belief’ came out in the September issue of the European Piano Teachers’ Association journal Piano Professional. Download the article here.

In 2013 Helen set up the non-profit corporation The Concert Artists’ Promotion Trust, to raise funds to help classical musicians perform live.

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