What is CAPT?

The Concert Artists’ Promotion Trust was set up in 2013 to help pay the costs of putting on classical concerts and spreading the word about such events to would-be concert-goers. The purpose of the non-profit corporation is to enable extraordinary musicians to perform live in public more than they otherwise could afford to do.

My name is Helen McIlhenny Heslop. I passionately believe that music, especially live music and especially classical music, contributes mightily to human happiness and well-being. It offers transcendent experiences of beauty, complexity and harmony to both listener and player; it brings people together and gives listeners a unique memory to treasure. Hearing live performances by great artists allows the audience to witness and participate in one of the most complex and admirable of all human abilities. We see skill and artistry unfold before our very eyes and ears. Such experiences should be multiplied and encouraged, not allowed to wither away from public life.

Recordings are all very well, but they are different from live performances. They cannot convey the magical exchange that occurs when great musicians perform live before real people.  Buying and listening to historical recordings does nothing to help musicians who are struggling to survive and develop their artistry in the present. The prospect of live performance is what keeps the tradition going,  motivating students to undergo years of rigorous training and soul-searching.

World-class performers with unique abilities will be funded by the Concert Artists’ Promotion Trust. Such players have unique skills and artistic personalities that resonate with listeners in a distinctive way. Their abilities are under-rated today; many live in near obscurity despite their rare abilities, heroic character traits, and generosity of spirit, because it costs money, many thousands, to present concerts and pay for the publicity that increases interest in the artists and demand for tickets to their performances.

The Concert Artists’ Promotion Trust aims to change this equation by giving brilliant musicians more chances to play in major venues. We need your contributions to help pay for these. Our first artist is the outstanding concert pianist Carlo Grante; other projects will be funded as contributions allow. Our first project is to sponsor concerts by Grante in Washington, New York, Vienna and Berlin in 2014 and 2015. Donors to the fund will have many opportunities to hear and meet our artists.

People are willing to pay hundreds for tickets to pop concerts and sports events but think, wrongly, that classical music is somehow not for them. Only more frequent, better-publicized recitals and concerts have a chance to alter that perception – to give a wider public the confidence to check out classical music and hear the repertoire that was original to the other genres known today.

To support the CAPT, please send a check or money order, ideally in US dollars, made out to the “Concert Artists’ Promotion Trust/ Fidelity Investments”, account number Z50103322.

Mailing Address:
Fidelity Investments
P.O. Box 770001
Cincinnati, Ohio
OH 45777-0003

Please email concertartistspromotiontrust@gmail.com